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Quickly convert your competitive part number to a Simplex product.

Database Disclaimer
Simplex has made every attempt to provide an accurate cross over to another manufactures part number. Simplex does not guarantee that equivalent products listed below will match the exact specifications of the competitive products. For additional details, please contact our
Technical Support group.

Please enter a full or partial competitor part number to list Simplex’s replacement model number(s), and then click on our part number to retrieve full product detail specifications. If the part number is not listed in our database, a quick web form will appear, just simply fill it out and we will respond quickly to your request.

Check off which category best fits your competitor model number - this portion is optional, but will assist to narrow down your cross reference results.

Cylinders Hand Pumps Power Pumps
Speciality Tools Equipment Kits Air Bags
Mechanical Products Presses System Accessories
Hand Jacks Valves  
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